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Zimnicea (2019)

Zimnicea (2019)

27 min. - Drama Short Movie - - 03.08.2020

Synopsis: The film is portraying a story based on real events that happened in Zimnicea, Romania, on March, 4, 1977, the day of the great earthquake. Everybody knew that 80% of the city was destroyed on purpose due to a human mistake that day.

Director: Bogdan Naumovici

Writer: Bogdan Naumovici

Stars: Dan Aștilean, Mihai Călin, Gavril Pătru

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Dan Aștilean President of Teleorman County Council
Mihai Călin Mayor
Gavril Pătru Ex-mayor
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Produced By

Hi Fi Production

Production info

Filmat în 2 zile, la Buftea.

Festivals, Awards

  1. 2021 - IPIFF Indie - Best Producer of a Independent Short Film


  • Directorial debut of Bogdan Naumovici.

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