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Humiliation (2010)

Umilinţă (2010)

86 min. - Drama - N 15 - 25.02.2011

Synopsis: In a forgotten village with lazy people and corrupt leadership, Pacoste must suffer for a mistake made in his past. His only friend is a young boy who finds in him a father figure.

Director: Cătălin Apostol

Writer: Cătălin Apostol

Stars: Şerban Ionescu, Valentin Teodosiu, Cristian Olesher

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  • Humiliation (2010)
  • Humiliation (2010)
  • Humiliation (2010)
  • Humiliation (2010)
  • Humiliation (2010)

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Şerban Ionescu Pacoste
Valentin Teodosiu poliţistul
Cristian Olesher Marinică
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Produced By

Paradox Film

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Câştigă concursul CNC de proiecte cinematografice, sesiunea  noiembrie–decembrie 2007.


Paradox Film


Humiliation (2010) - Photo