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Still Center (2005)

Still Center (2005)

15 min. - Drama Short Movie - -

Synopsis: Erie, a philosophical unmarried woman in Romania, learns that she is pregnant with triplets. She ponders her options and the future during encounters with her traditional mother, her mercurial boyfriend, her pragmatic doctor, a playful neighborhood girl, a cynical older woman, and the local fortune tellers.

Director: Carina Tăutu

Writer: Carina Tăutu

Stars: Ioana Ana Macaria, Rodica Negrea

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Ana-Ioana Macaria Erie
Rodica Negrea Mother
Still Center (2005) Anca-Ioana Stan Laura
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Production info

Budget: 20.000 dolars


  • Premiered in SUA, in 12 november 2005.

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