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Regression (2011)

Regresie (2011)

19 min. - Comedy Short Movie - -

Synopsis: Ciprian Dragulescu, a forty year old former Romanian Army driver in Afghanistan, seems affected by a very rare condition: mental regression to the development level of a five year old child. The Government's Chief of Psychology, suspecting that Ciprian is involved in fraud, assembles a team of sinister former secret police investigators to expose the protagonist. Meanwhile, Ciprian's fantasies of an Afghan Reality Show (in the form of an elaborate Bollywood musical) get the attention of two undercover C.I.A. agents who have mistaken his dances as ritualized Al Qaeda code. The American agents devise a plan to abduct Ciprian for a complete interrogation. Both teams of investigators unknowingly converge on Ciprian's home at the same momentous time: Ciprian's birthday celebration.

Director: Robert Eugen Popa

Writer: Timothy M. Brice, Robert Eugen Popa

Stars: Dorian Boguță

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Dorian Boguţă Ciprian
Regression (2011) Dan Bălășoiu ex officer Securitate
Regression (2011) Laura Berivan Bollywood Dancer
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Produced By

Anabasis Vision Productions.
Silver Bullet

Festivals, Awards

  1. 2012 - Peloponnesian International Film Festival (Bridges) - Best Director
    2012 - Sunset International Film Festival - Best actor in a supporting role - Geo Dobre
Regression (2011) - Photo