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Oli’s Wedding (2009)

Nunta lui Oli (2009)

22 min. - Short Movie - -


A father "takes part" at his son’s wedding, which is abroad, watching on the web.

Director: Tudor Cristian Jurgiu

Writer: Tudor Cristian Jurgiu

Stars: Adrian Titieni

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Adrian Titieni Dorel
Oli’s Wedding (2009) Alexandru Gâtstrâmb Alex
George Costea Gabi
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Produced By

Libra Film
Hai Hui Entertainment
Cu sprijinul Centrului Național al Cinematografiei

Production info

Câştigă în concursul CNC, scurt metraj ficţiune, sesiunea noiembrie-decembrie 2007, un credit de 115.000 lei.


Libra Film

Festivals, Awards

  1. 2009 - NexT - Best Romanian Short
    2009 - TimiShort - Best Screenplay
    2009 - Anonimul - Best Short
    2010 - Gopo Awards - Best Short
    2010 - Leeds - Best Short
    2010 - Tabor, Croatia - Best Short


Alone in his kitchen in Bucharest, Dorel is getting ready for what seems to be a party. ln fact, it is his son's wedding which is taking place in USA and which Dorel will be seeing through a web cam, along with two of his son's friends. On the small monitor they will meet the bride, her father and they will witness the ceremony.

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