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Lost in transition (2011)

Mama ei de tranziţie (2011)

100 min. - Comedy - AP 12 - 24.02.2012


A Bucharest wilted by heat, in a hot summer day..., crossed from dawn till-midnight, far and wide, from the neighborhood high-life in slums by customs at the gym, blocks through rehabilitation sites for Madame Geta, owner of a firm of windows, running the race in his own car, talking on the phone, in a desperate attempt to gather money, her money in the middle of a crisis.

Director: Cristina Nichituş

Writer: Bogdan Ficeac

Stars: Cecilia Bârbora, Mihai Bisericanu, Vasile Muraru

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Cecilia Bârbora Geta
Mihai Bisericanu
Vasile Muraru
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Produced By

Paradox Film

Production info

Câştigă concursul de proiecte CNC sesiunea iunie–iulie 2008 cu titlul "Tranziţia bat-o vina".


Paradox Film


  • Titlu scenariu literar: "Tranziţia bat-o vina".

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