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The Green Moon (2008)

Luna verde (2008)

78 min. - Drama - AP 12 - 16.04.2010

Synopsis: Road-movie despre generația tânără și problemele ei. Este o poveste contemporană cu tineri aflați în căutarea fericirii pe care și-o închipuie venind din întâlniri pe nevăzute cu persoane "agățate" pe Internet, din achiziționarea de obiecte de artă, din conducerea unei mașini de lux, din muzici psihedelice, din teatru, din bani, din dragoste.

Director: Alexa Visarion

Writer: Alexa Visarion, Iris Spiridon

Stars: Maia Morgenstern, Răzvan Vasilescu, Alexandru Potocean

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  • The Green Moon (2008)
  • The Green Moon (2008)
  • The Green Moon (2008)

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Maia Morgenstern Simona
Răzvan Vasilescu
Alexandru Potocean Cristi
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Produced By

Castel Film


Asociaţia Film România (AFR)


Alexa Visarion about the film: “The film The Green Moon is made of lots of small talk, about art and artists, about wasted vocations, about tea sauce recipes, mixture of feelings and states of being…so, an intellectual environment, thin, involuntary humor, hidden in an old fashioned dramatism,  cityscapes, snowed mountains, relationships close to the incestuous type, a road, a BMW, one Tico, monotony, Placebo, a bit of Anais Nin, a stolen bride, juvenile mocking, shootings of don`t know who…a moron, personalized theatre, fathers, mothers, paintings, a sister living in Munich, the blood of a doll, homosexuality, birch trees, night, dawn…All together, contradictory, incompatible, some next to the others, all of them are together without filmic fame, without actual artlessness, without sordidness, without brutality, without shootings, without crises, without nudes, without sex, without spectacularity, without charming jibe, without Parental Guidance under 14, without accident, without moon up in the sky…Only e motional delirium, impure, bizarre, woozy, superficial…the labyrinth of the straight line” (from “Running on sand”)

The Green Moon (2008) - Photo