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Love Locker (2016)

Love Locker (2016)

11 min. - Love Story Short Movie - -


Rita and Mino are secretly in love. They have been planning their escape since they were children and now, on the day the railway closes and the last train leaves the town of Lete, they will manage to fulfill their love dream and be sweet runaways.

Director: Andreea Borțun

Writer: Andreea Borțun

Stars: Doina Teodoru, Rareș Andrici

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Rareș Andrici Mino
Love Locker (2016) Doina Teodoru Rita
Constantin Drăgănescu
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Produced By

Atelier de film UNATC (Romania)
Haïku Films (France)

Production info

Co-producție România-Franța


Ultraviolet Media

Festivals, Awards

  1. 2014 - C3PM Courts Devant Film Festival Paris - France 3 Award (projects in post-production competition)
    2014 - Berlinale Talents - Canon Short Film Prize


  • Premieră mondială la Victoria Independent Film and Video Festival, Canada, februarie 2016.

Love Locker (2016) - Photo