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Beyond America (2008)

Dincolo de America (2008)

110 min. - Thriller - AP 12 - 26.09.2008

Synopsis: Under an Eastern European totalitarian regime, a prominent dissident writer survives repression by resuming a submissive sexual relationship with her former lover.

Director: Marius Theodor Barna

Writer: Eugen Șerbănescu

Stars: Daniela Nane, Șerban Ionescu, Dorel Vișan

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Daniela Nane Milena
Şerban Ionescu Yan Vesa
Dorel Vişan Col. Marcus
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Produced By

Paradox Film
Cu sprijinul CNC

Production info

35 mm, stereo, color. Buget (estimat) 1.000.000 euro.


Asociația Film România (AFR)

Beyond America (2008) - Photo