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The Belly of the Whale (2010)

Burta balenei (2010)

64 min. - Comedy Drama - -

Synopsis: Ana is 30 years old and lives with her parents. As her ex-husband takes their daughter and her nagging mother to the countryside, she prepares for a laidback evening with her friends. Soon she comes to realize she lost her cell phone which prevents her from receiving a much awaited call from her previous night's stand. Her friends, Iulia, Andrei and Marius, arrive and try to watch a movie. The screening is frequently interrupted by an increasingly annoying and rather absurd dialogue that takes place between the thief/finder of the cell phone and Ana.

Director: Ana Lungu, Ana Szel

Writer: Ana Lungu, Ana Szel

Stars: Ana Szel, Andrei Enache

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  • The Belly of the Whale (2010)
  • The Belly of the Whale (2010)

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The Belly of the Whale (2010) Andrei Enache Andrei
Ana Szel Ana
Iulia Lazăr Iulia
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Produced By

42 Km Film
Umbrela Film


  • Nominalizat la Locarno 2010, la categoria Golden Leopard - Filmmakers of the Present.

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