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Alarm in the Danube Delta (1975)

Alarmă în Deltă (1975)

75 min. - Adventure - AG - 05.01.1976


During the 1970s a foreign smuggler is taking hostages and threatening to sabotage a river pumping station if he is not aided in his attempt to smuggle ancient artifacts out of Romania.Two young local boys foil his plans.

Director: Gheorghe Naghi

Writer: Petre Luscalov, Gheorghe Naghi

Stars: Dan Popescu, Sorin Vasiliu, Ferenc Fábian

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Alarm in the Danube Delta (1975) Dan Popescu Azimioară
Alarm in the Danube Delta (1975) Sorin Vasiliu Voinicel
Alarm in the Danube Delta (1975) Ferenc Fábian Doctorul
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Casa de filme Trei

Production info

Filmări 15.07.– 08.10.1975 în diverse locuri din Delta Dunării și pe platourile din Buftea. Cheltuieli de producție 2.767.000 lei.
Ecran normal, peliculă Orwo color, 8 acte, 2038 m.



Festivals, Awards

  1. 1979 - Gottwaldov (Cehoslovacia) - Diplomă de onoare
Alarm in the Danube Delta (1975) - Photo