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A Rash on the Chest (2019)

Bubițe pe piept (2019)

27 min. - Short Movie - -

Synopsis: Trying to surpass a painful moment after her grandmother's death, Adina brings back memories that are not her own and she tells them to her brother as if they were, but the reality mingles in and makes her fictional universe fall apart.

Director: Cristi Iftime

Writer: Anca Buja, Cristi Iftime

Stars: Iulia Ciochina, Andrei Seusan

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  • A Rash on the Chest (2019)

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Iulia Ciochină Adina
Andrei Seușan
Victoria Cociaş
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  • Iulia Ciochina și Andrei Seușan au jucat împreună și în Love Bus - Alaska.

A Rash on the Chest (2019) - Photo