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The Film „colectiv” in the Romanian Cinemas, from February 28, 2020

     From February 28, 2020, the documentary colectiv, directed by Alexander Nanau, will be in more than 30 cinemas in Romania, in Bucharest and in 20 cities and towns.
     colectiv tells the story of the first year after the fire in the Colectiv Club and it follows, with equal interest, authorities and journalists, in a permanent interaction of searching and exposing the truth It is a film about system versus people, about truth versus manipulation, about personal interest versus public interest, about courage and individual responsibility. The production will offer access to key spots after the tragic event in the Colectiv fire: newspapers editorial offices, ministers` offices, halls of institutions, meeting halls. The film follows journalists, whistleblowers, patiants and their families, but also officials from the Government and representatives of the state, revealing – with no compromise – an entire network of corruption, lies and manipulation.
     “The Colectiv moment was a trauma for all of us. And just like any traumatized individual, a traumatized society becomes easy to manipulate and lie. After Colectiv, the decision to make a film by means of which I could better understand how society works and especially the relationship citizen-state, came quite naturally. I turned my attention to the press and during one year I could notice, from inside and in real time, the dramatic process of the fight for the truth of the journalists with the state authorities which lacking any trace of humanity, not only manipulated the public opinion, but also intentionally covered the corruption in the medical system, taking into consideration, without blinking, the death of their own citizens”, the director Alexander Nanau declared.
     The world premiere of the film took place during the Venice International Film Festival. colectiv is the second Romanian documentary that has ever been selected for the prestigious Italian festival, after Țara moților (1939), directed by Paul Călinescu.
     The North-American premiere took place at the Toronto International Film Festival. The film was selected for other European competitions, among which the Zurich Film Festival, where it received the Best Documentary Award.
     Currently, the film is in the official selection of the Sundance 2020 Film Festival, one of the most important independent film festivals in the world, which takes place in the US, where it is distributed by Magnolia Pictures
     The film is distributed in the Romanian cinemas by Bad Unicorn. Starting with the spring of next year, colectiv will also be available on HBO and HBO GO.  
     The film is produced by Alexander Nanau Production, in co-production with Samsa Film Luxembourg and HBO Europe, with the support of the Romanian Film Centre, Luxemburg Film Fund and Sundance Documentary Fund, with the participation of MDR Germania, RTS Switzerland, RSI – Switzerland and YES Docu - Israel.
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