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Weekend of films and concerts at Audience Award Film Festival 2017

     Tomorrow, 21 April, the 2nd Edition of Audience Award Film Festival is to kick off, with films granted awards by the audience at the biggest world festivals (Café SocietyInsyriated and Complet străini / Perfect Strangers), in premiere in Romania, three novel sing-along  screenings and unmissable concerts, at the Farmer Museum Cinema and at the Farmer Club.
     Friday night, from 22.00, Ada Milea, Bobo Burlăcianu, Vladimir Ivanov and Alex Neagu are inaugurating the music nights of the festival with a special concert with characters, a play on the texts with possible songs and instruments.
     Saturday, 22 April, following the screening of the modern musical Once, the Irish night will continue with a traditional music and dance show delivered by Shanon Ceili Band: Peter Moynahan, guitar and voice, Natalia Pancec Colotelo, violin, Alia Talos, voice and drums. They will have as guests the Irish dance group (traditional and step) Irish Way, set up by Dan Popovici.
     This year, Audience Award Film Festival also proposes a series of sing-along screenings  of three of the most appreciated latest musical films. The audience will have the chance to sing along the pieces “City of Stars” from La La Land and “Falling Slowly” from Once, or the most acclaimed songs by ABBA from the soundtrack of Mamma Mia! during the screenings from the Farmer Museum Cinema. Sunday night, from 22:00, the Festival will close with a Karaoke Party including memorable film songs.
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(Translated by Stela Moise)

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