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NexT Cultural Society releases the critical analysis “Oslo, 31 August”

     Oslo, 31 August (directed by Joachim Trier) will be screened as part of a special event marking the release of a new critical analysis, written by Ionuț Mareș and published by NexT Cultural Society, in partnership with LiterNet Publishing House.
     The critical essay is the first of a series of texts aiming at documenting and analysing masterpieces of the contemporary European cinema, coming to supplement the already existing series of critical studies dedicated to Romanian film. The event is set up within the cinema education programme Éducation à l’image, reaching its 9th year of activity.
     The screening will be held on Monday, 29 May, from 19:00, at Cinema Elvira Popescu. Admission will be free of charge. At the end, the viewers present will be invited to a dialogue with the author of the analysis, with film critic Ionuț Mareș, and Andrei Gorzo, Editor-in-Chief of the critical analyses' collection edited by NexT Cultural Society within the programme Éducation à l’image.
     The Norwegian drama Oslo, 31 August was premiered in 2011 at the section Un Certain Regard, at the Cannes Film Festival. The film is inspired by the famous novel by Pierre Drieu La Rochelle, Le Feu Follet and has as main character Anders, a 34-year old man who is to finish soon his treatment at an isolated rehabilitation facility.
     A number of 150 leaflets will be distributed to the viewers free of charge, and the material will be made available also electronically on LiterNet Publishing House site.
     “It is a film I have come to appreciate more and more with each viewing and as I deconstructed it frame by frame. I think it is remarkable through its formal liberty, through the character study acuity. It approaches without sentimentalism – but with empathy and delicacy – serious, universal themes, in a modern cinematographic language. All such qualities make this film worthy both of being viewed, and analysed within the programme Éducation à l’image. As proof of that are the strong impression it made on pupils, and their interest in discussing it,” Ionuț Mareș said.
     The feature Oslo, 31 August is being screened for the students part of this year's Éducation à l’image programme, starting on 10 May. Until 30 May 2017, approximately 12 screenings of the film are to be set up in Bucharest. As part of the programme, 20 screenings have been organised to date, to which over 1,000 Bucharest-based high schoolers have already taken part.
(Translated by Stela Moise)

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