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Romanian Short Waves 10 – Cannes 2017

     Romanian Short Waves 10 programme includes 11 Romanian shorts produced in 2016, to be screened at Short Film Corner within Cannes 2017 Film Festival.
     Short Film Corner is conceived as a shorts market, and participation is not equivalent to a selection within the competition section of Cannes Film Festival. This programme is designed to facilitate meetings between producers and directors with film festivals' selectors, and with international agents and distributors.
     Romanian Short Waves 10 list includes the following titles: Cumulonimbus (directed by Ioana Mischie), Spid (directed by Bogdan Mureșan), Almania (directed by Groves, Groves), Bună ziua la pisici / Cat Lady (Bednarszky Hedda), Mamă, tată, am să vă spun ceva / Mom, Dad, I Have To Tell You Something (directed by Paul Mureșan), Ninel (directed by Constantin Popescu), Săracul Arpi / Poor Arpi (directed by Serestely Szilard), Offstage (directed by Andrei Huțuleac), Anathema (directed by Andreea Borțun), Dreams on Sale (directed by Vlad Buzaianu), Când vânatul merge-n Rai / When the Game Goes To Heaven (directed by Ioana Turcan).
     Short Film Corner, outside the Romanian Short Waves 10 programme coordinated by Secvențe Association, will also screen several Romanian shorts: Limba paternă / In My Father's Words (directed by Cristina Juks), Not Guilty (directed by Irina Octavia Andronic), Farul / The Headlight (directed by Ionuț Gaga), Cu capsa pusă / Stapled (directed by Grigore Babei), Chers amis (directed by Valeriu Andriuță), The Little Truth (directed by Ștefan Mandachi), Idiotul / The Idiot (directed by Alexandru Ranta), Somnul lui Richi / Richi's Sleep (Gligor Stanciu), Nu te supăra, frate / Don't Get Upset, Brother (directed by Iacob Paștina), Vintage (directed by Gavra Ciornei) and Smoching (directed by Victor Cioaba). Valeriu Andriuță, director of the short Chers Amis, is known as actor for his roles in features such as Occident / Horizon, După dealuri / Beyond the HillsBacalaureat / GraduationOrizont / Horizon and Afacerea Est / Eastern Affair.
     The official selection of Cannes 2017 Film Festival was announced on Thursday, 13 April, and no Romanian production entered the feature-length and short competitions.
Cristian Mungiu will be the chariman of the jury of the official short competition and of the Cinéfondation programme.
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(Translated by Stela Moise)

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