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Romanian Films at the Thessaloniki Film Festival

     At this year`s edition of the Thessaloniki International Film Festival (November 1-11, 2018), there are more Romanian films that were included in its program: Moromeții 2 (directed by Stere Gulea) has the world premiere in the Balkan Survey section and  Touch Me Not / Nu mă atinge-mă (directed by Adina Pintilie) has a special screening outside the competition.
     In the Balkan Survey program, more recent Romanian productions were included: Î I Do Not Care If We Go Down in History as Barbarians / Îmi este indiferent dacă în istorie vom intra ca barbari (directed by Radu Jude),  A Christmas Gift / Cadoul de Crăciun (directed by Bogdan Mureșanu), Alice T. (directed by Radu Muntean), Lemonade (directed by Ioana Uricaru).
     Moreover, the Balkan Survey – Before the Wave Breaks section brings a retrospective dedicated to the Romanian film in front of the Audience:  Microphone Test / Proba de microfon (directed by Mircea Daneliuc), One Hundred Lei / 100 de lei (directed by Mircea Săucan), The Contest / Concurs (directed by Dan Pița), A Girl`s Tears / O lacrimă de fată (directed by Iosif Demian), Reconstruction / Reconstituirea (directed by Lucian Pintilie), Sequences / Secvențe (directed by Alexandru Tatos), È pericoloso sporgersi (directed by Nae Caranfil) and Stuff and Dough / Marfa și banii (directed by Cristi Puiu).
     Details: Thessaloniki International Film Festival

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