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Romanian Documentaries and Fiction Features about Past Times

     From December 9 to 17, 2019, the Romanian Film Gala dedicated to the memory of the events from 1989 takes place at the Macadam Gallery of the Romanian Cultural Institute from Paris.
     On this occasion six feature films and six documentaries that are representative for the Romanian cinema from 1963-2014 are screened. The six feature films are:  Philantropy / Filantropica (directed by Nae Caranfil),  Paper will Be Blue / Hîrtia va fi albastră (directed by Radu Muntean), With Clean Hands / Cu mâinile curate (directed by Sergiu Nicolaescu), Moromeții (directed by Stere Gulea), Quod erat demonstrandum (directed by Andrei Gruzsniczki), The Oak / Balanța (directed by Lucian Pintilie).
     The short documentaries are produced by the Sahia film studio and published by One World Romania with the title “Sahia Vintage”: The Hottest Day / Ziua cea mai fierbinte directed by Virgil Calotescu), Pe unde am fost si-am colindat (regia Laurențiu Damian), Pentru strănepoți, încă ceva despre Bucuresți (regia Paula și Doru Segall), Va veni o zi (regia Copel Moscu), Uzina (regia Slavomir Popovici), Săptămâna în imagini. The film selection is made by the director of photography Horea Lapteș, the moderator of the debates who makes a short introduction every evening.
     Details: Institutul Cultural Român

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