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One World Romania 10 started on Monday evening

     The 10th edition of the One World Romania Festival has successfully started on Monday at Cinema Pro.
     The audience could watch a video comprised of clips from this year’s documentaries, the festival’s first short film, Patriotic Lesson and a fragment from Gianina Cărbunariu’s show, “Artists Talk”.
     On Tuesday morning the screenings destined for high school students took place at Cinema Eforie and the debates were scheduled at Scena9 Residency. In the evening, the 3rd edition of the KineDok program will be launched, starting at 8:30 p.m., when the FC ROMA documentary will be screened in the presence of director Tomáš Bojar.
     This year the festival programmers, Mona Nicoară, Adina Brădeanu and Alexandru Solomon, will recommend on a daily basis the best three documentaries of the day. Mona Nicoară suggests watching on Tuesday three documentaries: Țara moartă/ The Dead Nation (directed by Radu Jude), Cameraperson (directed by Kirsten Johnson) and Europe, She Loves (directed by Jan Gassmann). Mona Nicoară on the Romanian documentary: “I’m very proud that this year we can present Țara moartă, a film in post-production by Radu Jude, to the One World Romania community and have a feedback. Although apparently simple – a juxtaposition of photographs from the Costică Acsinte collection, archive sound footage and fragments from the diary of the doctor and writer Emil Dorian – Jude’s film is one of the most complicated projects put forth in the contemporary Romania documentary landscape, not only because it re-constructs an epoch poorly represented in visual archive footage or in Romanian cinema at large, for that matter, but also because it explores complicated relations such as nostalgia/complicity, ideology/oblivion, image/sound, inviting us to meditate on the very nature and definition of documentary itself.”
     The festival will take place on 13-19 March at Eforie Cinema, Union Cinema, Elvire Popesco Cinema, Horia Bernea Hall – The Romanian Peasant Museum Cinema and Scena9 Residency.
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(Translated by Andreea Mihalcea)

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