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CinEd – the NexT Cultural Society is about to start the training sessions

     CinEd, the European cinema education programme for youth reached its third year of activity and staring with January it will organize a series of training sessions for the Romanian educational mediators.
     In the first 2 years of activity, over 500 teachers and public librarians from 12 cities took part in the free training sessions organized by the NexT (for the gymnasium and high school levels)
     The first training session from 2018 will be held in Bucharest, on Saturday, January, 20th, from 10:00 to 17:00, at the Cervantes Institute - the screening room (bd.Regina Elisabeta, no.38). The session will be coordinated by the film critic Gabriela Filippi and it is dedicated to the gymnasium teachers who are interested in organizing cinema education activities for the kids within the CineEd programme. The participation is free.
     The session for January, 20, will include the screening of the entire film The Spirit of the Beehive / El espiritu de la colmena (1971, Spain, directed by Victor Erice) from the CinEd catalogue, which will be the starting point for a series of discussions and practical exercises, incorporating the pedagogical materials that are made available on the platform. All those attending the event will receive a participation diploma. The educational mediators who will join the program and will organize 3 screenings for the children during this school year will receive a diploma for being part of the European programme. The teachers only need to enter their name by sending an e-mail to the address until January, 18, 2018.
     The next training sessions organized by the NexT Cultural Society for teachers and public librarians who work with gymnasium and high school kids will take place in Brașov, on January, 27 and in Alexandria on February, 3.
     Details: CinEd

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