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“Alice T.”, in Cinemas from November 9, 2018

     Alice T., Radu Muntean`s latest feature film, had the world premiere in August, during the Locarno International Film Festival and from November 9, 2018, it will be out in the Romanian cinemas.
    After the previews attended by the film crew from the Les Films de Cannes à Bucarest Festival and  Les Films de Cannes à Brașov, the director Radu Muntean, the actress Andra Guți and the screenwriter Răzvan Rădulescu are invited to join the events of two special screenings in the country: on November 9 at the Culture Palace in Târgu Mureș, and on November 10, at Les Films de Cannes à Suceava.
     The film tells the story of a teenager who is searching to find her guiding marks and the meaning, on her way to becoming an adult, in the context of her relationship with her adoptive mother. Alice Tarpan (Andra Guţi) is almost 17 and she has a complicated adolescence. It`s not about her problems at school or the fact that she`s not sure whose baby she`s carrying, but especially about the fact that her adoptive mother, Bogdana Mihaela Sîrbu), found out about all those things.
     The feature film distributed by Voodoo Films received the rating N-15 – not recommended under 15.
     Starting with November 9, 2018, the ilm will be screned in: Bucharest (Cinema City Afi Cotroceni, Hollywood Multiplex, Băneasa Grand Cinema Digiplex, Movieplex, Cinema Elvire Popesco – from Nov.17 –, Cinema PRO – Nov.30 – , Cinema Muzeul Țăranului – from Nov.21 –, Cinemateca Eforie, Cinemateca Union, Cine Grand Titan), in the  Cinema City network (Cinema City Cluj Iulius Mall, Cinema City Constanța Park, Cinema City Ploiești Afi, Cinema City Timișoara Nepi, Cinema City Suceava și Cinema City Brăila), Iași (Ateneul din Iasi), Cluj (Cinema Victoria), Constanța (Cinema Cityplex Tomis), Brașov (Cinema One from nov.16, Cinemateca Patria from Nov.16), Lugoj (Cinema Bela Lugosi), Suceava (Cinema Modern), Botoșani (Cine Globe), Pitești (Cinema București from Nov.18, Cinema Trivale), Târgu Mureș (Cinema Arta), Reșița (Cinema Dacia), Caransebeș (Cinema Luna), Vulcan (Cinema Luceafărul), Oravița (Cinema 3D), Slobozia (Casa de Cultură a Municipiului Slobozia), Sf. Gheorghe (City Plex), Arad (Cinema Arta).
     Details: Alice T. FB

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