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The 6th Edition of the Ceau, Cinema! Festival Starts on Thursday

     The   6th edition of the Ceau, Cinema! Festival opens on Thursday in Timişoara with the period film Miss Paradise, in the presence of the well-known Romanian-born german actress Maria Drăguş.
     For four days, the film lovers will be able to choose from the 30 titles included in this year`s selection, which has as its theme the noir film. Other Romanian premieres are: Arrest (directed by Andrei Cohn), Superhombre (directed by Lucian Mircu, Mircea Gherase), The Distance Between me and me / Distanța dintre mine și mine (directed by Mona NicoarăDana Bunescu), Timebox (directed by Nora Agapi), Popeasca (directed by Stanca Radu), as well as László Nemes` latest film,  Sunset / Apusul, featuring Vlad Ivanov.
     In key with the noir edition, Vlad Ivanov will hold a masterclass about the villain characters that made him famous, from Mr.Bebe in 4 Months, 3 Weeks and 2 Days / 4 luni, 3 săptămâni şi 2 zile (2007, directed by Cristian Mungiu), to Franco in Snowpiercer (2013, directed by Bong Joon-ho) and Samir in Dogs / Câini (2016, directed by  Bogdan Mirică).
     Six acclaimed films, made by young directors, which had the world premiere in 2018, were included in the international competition:   Jumpman (Russia) - Ivan I. Tverdovsky, One Day (Hungary) - Zsófia Szilágyi, Dead Horse nebula (Turkey) - Tarık Aktaş, Consequences (Slovenia) - Darko Štante, Beautiful Corruption (Republic of Moldova) - Eugen Damaschin and Bad Poems (Hungary) - Gábor Reisz.
     The jury, made of the actors Vlad IvanovMaria Drăguş and Mălina Manovici, will attend a Q&A with the audience, after the screening of Graduation / Bacalaureat  (2016, directed by Cristian Mungiu), the film that features all the three actors.
     The special guest of this edition is the director Želimir Žilnik, one of the most appreciated Serbian directors; he will be honored with a retrospective.   
     In the “Films from Banat” section, two German documentaries made in the early `90s: Joane`s Law (1993) and The Time Traveller (1995), directed by Dobrivoie Kerpenisan.
     During the festival, the second edition of the Ceau, Cineva! workshop will take place. Coordinated by the actor Laurenţiu Bănescu, the workshop brings the actors Alina Grigore and Robi Urs as the tutors of this year`s edition.
     The children will be able to enjoy the animation Lotte and the Lost Dragons (2019) from Estonia and a group of animated short films suggested by the Anim`est festival and two workshops prepared by Ludoteca Habarnam.
     The graphic of this edition is made by Alexandru Săvescu.

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