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AdDOC 2017: Week 2

     AdDOC, the first documentary film festival organized by teenagers, offers teens from several cities the opportunity of watching films dealing with relevant social topics such as the state of agriculture or of corruption during the transition era as well as talking about them with the directors.
     The three documentaries included in this week’s section, entitled Blind man's Bluff, are Afară / Outside (directed by Andrei Schwartz), Kapitalism, rețeta noastră secretă / Kapitalism - Our Improved Formula (directed by  Alexandru Solomon) and Varză, cartofi și alți demoni / Cabbage, Potatoes and other Demons (directed by  Șerban Georgescu).
     In the festival’s brochure, the teenagers explain why they chose the phrase “Blind man's Bluff”: “Just like one of the players is blindfolded, so, too, are the leading characters in each film from this category, only that, in this case, it’s not the eyes, but the mind that is covered. Whether this conceptual scarf stands for constraints imposed by society, for the Communist heritage or for the lack of vision, all the players we bring to you on the big screen have something in common: they move chaotically, they have no idea where they are and, consequently, they don’t know how to handle things.”
     When asked by a student how could the young generation contribute to building a better society, director Alexandru Solomon answered: “First of all, by being informed. Look for other information sources other than television and mass-media, which are influenced due to various interests, and filter them critically. [Documentary cinema represents a possible alternative]. That’s why it’s important that you have your own value system. As a society, we have to live together with one another and the idea is that of treating others the same way you would want to be treated in return. So, that line of a character from the film, «in order to be successful one has to steal», isn’t valid. Be critical and be involved.”
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