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Film Critics Association 2015 Award for Best Film Journalism

Ovidiu Gologan

  • Cinematographer
  • Born: 14.05.1912 in Constanţa (Constanţa)
  • Died: 26.04.1982 in Bucharest
“Ovidiu Gologan started his artistic journey in 1936 as an apprentice to Amedee Morin and Iosif Bertok and he made his debut in documentary filmmaking in 1940 (Derbiul de la Băneasa); he then became a war correspondent, a co-author of the films România contra bolşevismului and Războiul nostru sfânt and on the 1st of June 1946 he was the only cameraman allowed to film the execution of Marshal Antonescu. An artist of varied interests, Ovdiu Gologan has a biography considered by his biographer to be «impressive» not only as a consequence of the variety of the subject matters he has approached, but also due to the large number of films for which he is credited as an assistant, screenwriter, director and director of photography.” (Călin Stănculescu)
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Festivals / Awards

  • 1965
Mamaia The Forest of the Hanged Best Cinematography
  • 1973
ACIN Grand Prize