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Romanian Filmmakers Awarded in 2019

     2019 started with the success Marius Olteanu had in Berlin, with Monsters / Monștri. and it ended with Bogdan Mureșanu`s success for  The Christmas Gift / Cadoul de Crăciun – a spot on the list of the nominated short films for the Oscars. The film earned this position due to the countless awards it received, among which the European Film Academy Award.
     Anca Damian`s animated films also received many awards: the short filmThe Call / Telefonul and  the feature-length animated film Marona`s Fantastic Tale / Călătoria fantastică a Maronei (which was qualified among the first 32 proposals for a nomination for the Oscars).
     These past few years the Romanian productions received many awards at different international film festivals. The thematic and stylistic diversity of the films produced a wind of change. Corneliu Porumboiu came with La Gomera, a policier with comic accents and it was selected in the Cannes competition and Radu Jude received international awards with the historic reenactment drama “I Do not Care if We Go Down in History as Barbarians” / „Îmi este indiferent dacă în istorie vom intra ca barbari”.
     The production designer Viorica Petrovici received an award at Bari and the director Paul Mureșan received awards with the animated short Somewhere / Ceva.
     The most awarded documentary of the year was The Teach / Profu’, made by Alex Brendea.
     The Filmmakers section of our site includes the honorary board of the awards recipients, with a link to their page.

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