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Vali Hotea Is Shooting the Black Comedy “Lebensdorf” in Germany and Romania

     The director Vali Hotea is shooting in Germany and Romania, for 30 days, the black comedy Lebensdorf, starring Mimi Brănescu, Ana Covalciuc and Ioana Flora. The feature film focuses on the story of Ducu Dobrescu (Mimi Brănescu), a writer who`s going through the middle age crisis and lacks inspiration. in his attempt to recover his life and to finish his novel, he oscillates between two countries (Romania and Germany) and two women (Andra-his wife and Giulia-his former great love). In this soul searching that he does, he goes through a series of strange and funny experiences in Berlin, in Bucharest and in an isolated ecological village in the heart of Germany, Lebensdorf. But in this whirl created by his emotional immaturity, he must come to a decision. Maybe the worst of his entire life.
     “Whoever experienced the divorce, knows that sometimes it is a traumatic experience. Lending the story parts of my personal experience, I look upon this episode in Ducu Dobrescu`s life with tender irony, in a bitter-sweet comedy about indecision and taking responsibility.”, the director Vali Hotea said. All joking aside, it`s always room for worse. So, don`t try this at home. Only at the cinema.”
     On the other hand, the producers Ada Solomon and Diana Păroiu explain:”It is a film about searching, decisions, memories, discoveries and re-descoveries. It is a film about people and about the world we live in, today. It is a film about us. A part of a life that can be, in a certain way, a part of our life, of each of us. A part of a life with sun and rain. Like all the lives.”
     Vali Hotea directs Lebensdorf based on a screenplay written together with Ileana Muntean. It is the second feature film that they collaborate on, after Roxanne. The director of photography is Alexandru Solomon, the editor is Dana Bunescu and the art director is, Mălina Ionescu. The costumes were created by Cireșica Cuciuc and the make up and hair are signed by Bianca Boeroiu and Domnica Bodogan. Alexandru Dumitru is in charge of the sound design. The producers are Ada Solomon and Diana Păroiu – Hi Film Productions.
     Lebensdorf is produced by HiFilm Productions, in association with nomada.solo and Visual Walkabout. The co-producers are Chainsaw Europe Studio, Abis Studio, Production XMG Media and Scharf Film Production. The film has the support of the Romanian Film Center (CNC) and of the Creative Europe programme of the European Union. It is supported by        Cinema City Romania, Bilka Steel, savana, Dr. Oetker, kika Romania, Avon Cosmetics Romania, SaviniDue, MediaCom and Vitrina Advertising.  The project was developed during the Sofia Meetings, TIFF Transilvania Pitch Stop Co-production Platform, Sarajevo Talents Pack & Pitch Workshop, Rome MIA, Connecting Cottbus.

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