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UrbanEye 2016: “10 Minutes`Mayors”, byVlad Petri

      10 Minutes`Mayors / Primar pentru zece minute was screened in the UrbanEye 2016 Film Festival, which took place at the Elvira Popescu Cinema, from the 16th until the 20th of November.
The film directed by Vlad Petri documents the project “Actopolis/ South Bucharest”, in which the inhabitants of the south area of Bucharest were invited to “become” mayors for 10 minutes. “Actopolis. The Act of Action” is a European program of urban intervention, initiated and coordinated by the Goethe Institute and Urbane Künste Ruhr, organized in Romania in collaboration with and Zeppelin. 
In Romania, the organizers focused on the South area of Bucharest, where they interacted with the inhabitants of the neighborhoods during three days which were documented by 10 Minutes`Mayors. Vlad Petri told us more about this project:
Imagine: Valeriu Ciubotaru

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