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“A Charming Girl” at the first Cineclub FILM of the year

     On Friday, January 31, 2020, the Eforie (Jean Georgescu) Hall of the Romanian Cinematheque in Bucharest (Eforie street, no.2), will host the 27th edition of the FILM Cineclub, the first of this one. During this event, the film A Charming Girl / Un film cu o fată fermecătoare (1967), directed by Lucian Bratu based on a script by Radu Cosașu, featuring Margareta Pâslaru,  Emmerich SchefferMarin MoraruGrigore Gonța and Ileana Stana Ionescu. The editors of the FILM magazine will talk about the film, with pros and cons. The magazine is a trimestrial publication published by the Romanian Filmmakers Union. The event also includes the release of the latest number of the magazine (4/ 2019, the 26th in the magazine history).
     The FILM Cineclub represents a series of events (special screenings with remarkable Romanian films, presented in new or restored copies, accompanied by discussions with special guests) organized by the National Film Archives – the Romanian Cinematheque, in collaboration with the FILM magazine of the Romanian Filmmakers Union (UCIN). The cost of the ticket for these events is 5 lei.
     “Ruxandra is a young passionate film lover, who is anxious to become a star. She always mingles with people who could help her get to a film set; she really believes that`s a matter of only a few days and this idea makes her feel strongly confident. Being quite familiar with many fiction feature films, she creates a free-spirited character for herself and tries to get herself noticed with her spectacular outfits and  show-off way of speaking.
     Ruxi looks a bit like the Godard heroes, reckless and uneasy at the same time, but she is more down-to-earth than them. She expects the film professionals to discover her urgently and to cast her in a film that would take her to stardom in the nick of time. (…) The fascination that the world of cinema has upon many young ladies who aspire to become stars often makes them try to enter this “dream world” in any possible way. With a touch of a bitter irony, the authors prove the failure of such an attempt and the precariousness of a much beloved myth, of Cinderella.” (Dana Duma, „Autoportretele filmului”, 1983)

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