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TIFF 2017 announces the actors selected at “10 for FILM”

     For the sixth consecutive year, Transilvania International Film Festival continues to promote new actors' profiles in Romanian cinema through its programme 10 for FILM.
     10 artists who have excelled on theatre stages, but have not had until now significant parts on the big screen will be put under the spotlight at TIFF. The actors will be presented to the audience, the press and industry professionals and will take part to the workshops, premieres and debates organised within the section Romanian Film Days (8-10 June).  
     The 10 actors attending the 2017 edition are as follows: Alexandru Voicu (Teatrul Mic, Teatrul Act, ARCUB, Teatrul Excelsior, Godot Cafe-Teatru), Amalia Ciolan (Teatrul Național București), Anca Loghin (Teatrul Național Târgu Mureș), András Korpos (Teatrul Național Târgu Mureș), Carmen Florescu (independent actor -  Teatrul Mic, Teatrul Act, Green Hours, Nottara, WASP, Teatrul de Comedie), Eduard Trifa (Teatrul Municipal Baia Mare), Emilia Bebu (Bulandra, Teatrul Act, Teatrul Studențesc Casandra, Teatrul Maria Filotti din Brăila), Lucian Pavel (Bulandra, Teatrul Tineretului Piatra Neamț, Teatrul de Comedie, Teatrul Evreiesc de Stat, Teatrul de Artă), Radu Lărgeanu (Teatrul Național Cluj-Napoca), Richard Hladik (Teatrul German de Stat, Teatrul Național Timișoara).
     The actors were selected by a group of theatre and film professionals: Tudor Giurgiu (director and producer), theatre critics Iulia Popovici, Cristina Rusiecki, Oana Stoica and Cristiana Gavrilă, Viorica Capdefier (casting director), Răzvan Penescu (Editor of LiterNet portal) and Ileana Cecanu (publisher, project coordinator) - they were the experts who selected the participants to the programme 10 for FILM.
     Details at: TIFF
(Translated by Stela Moise)

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