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„Sieranevada”, preview at TIFF,to be premiered in September

     After opening the official competition of the 69th Editionofthe Cannes International Film Festival (11-22 May 2016), the latest feature film signed by director Cristi PuiuSieranevada will also open the fall season of the Romanian cinema premieres. The film, starring actorsMimi Brănescu,Dana DogaruSorin MedeleniAna Ciontea, Judith State, Marin Grigore, Rolando Matsangos, Cătălina Moga, Ilona Brezoianu, will be launched on Romanian big screens on 9 September.
     One of the most awaited for Romanian productions of the year, Sieranevada will be screened on Thursday, 2 June, in national preview, within Transilvania International Film Festival – Romanian Film Days. The screening is scheduled at 18.00, at the Students' Culture House of Cluj-Napoca. The event will be attended by director Cristi Puiu, and by a part of a film crew.
     A production of Mandragora, producer Anca PuiuSieranevada was made in co-production withProdukcija 2006 Sarajevo (BIH), with the Cinema Creation Studio within the Ministry of Culture, with Sisters and Brother Mitevski, SpiritusMovens, Alcatraz Films. The feature was made with the support of the National Filmmaking Centre, of theFondacijaZaKinematografiju Sarajevo, of the Macedonian Film Agency, the Croatian Audiovisual Center, the Region Ile de France,the Eurimages. The following also were involved in the production: HBO Romania, Aide aux Cinemas du Monde, Valvis Holding Distribution, Centre National du Cinema et de l’ImageAnimee, Ministere Des Affaires Etrangeres et du Developpement International, InstitutFrancais, Arte France. Finanțatori: BMW Group Romania, Nestle Romania, AQUA Carpatica, Vodafone, Albalact, Groupama Romania, Apa Nova, DHL, Zumzet, Musette. Details on: facebook



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