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”Seven Months Later” opens a trilogy on couple relationships

        Seven Months Later  is the fourth short film directed by Andrei Creţulescu. The film premiered in the short film competition of the Romanian Days section of the TIFF 2016. On the occasion, the Aarc team met Andrei Crețulescu and two of his actors, Rodica Lazăr și Dorian Boguţă. The director finished writing this screenplay two days after finishing Ramona and in the meantime he wrote other two short films which will complete a trilogy on couple relationships. “Seven Months Later shows the story of a couple in the middle of their relationship, in a difficult moment; the next short film shows the story of a couple when they break up and the third one shows the story of a couple, seven months after the divorce” says Crețulescu at the beginning of the Aarc interview.
      An Aarc report from the set of this short film can be watched here.
Cinematography: Valeriu Ciubotaru

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