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The Retrospective Andrei Ujică at Ceau, Cinema!

     Andrei Ujică will be honored with a Retrospective during the fifth edition of the Ceau, Cinema! Film Festival, which will take place in Timișoara and Gottlob, from July 19 to 22, 2018.
     The director will attend the festival in order to present his trilogy about the end of Communism - - Videograms of a Revolution / Videograme dintr-o revoluțieOut of the Present and The Autobiography of Nicolae Ceaușescu / Autobiografia lui Nicolae Ceaușescu – and to hold a masterclass.
     Andrei Ujică was born in 1951, in Timișoara, where he made his debut as a writer when he was still very young. A Philology graduate, he moved to Germany in 1981 where he entered the academic environment, teaching literary theory, filmology and mediology at the Mannheim University. From 2001 to 2017, he was a film professor at the Karlsruhe University of Arts and Design and from 2002 to 2017 he was the director of the Film Institute of the Karlsruhe Center for Art and Media Technology (ZKM).
     Made in 1992 together with Harun Farocki, Videograms of a Revolution remakes the chronology of a few days from 1989, December 19 to 25, in Romania. The film was compiled from many hours of amateur and professional footage. The film quickly became a landmark in the analysis of the relationship between the politic power and mass media in Europe, at the end of the Cold War.
     The second film of the retrospective is the exceptional space poem Out of the Present (1995), which will be presented in a restored copy during a special screening event, at the Capitol Summer Garden in Timișoara. The film focuses on the Russian cosmonaut Serghei Krikaliov, who spent 10 months on board of the Mir space station, while on the ground the Soviet Union was falling apart.
     The Autobiography of Nicolae Ceaușescu explores the image of the former dictator, from his coming to power until the Revolution, using exclusive archive official footage, from which some of them are little known or completely unknown.
     Andrei Ujică is currently working on a highly acclaimed project which makes an analysis of the fever heat of the Beatlemania – the concert that the Beatles had on August 15 1965, at the Shea Stadium in New York.
     Ceau, Cinema! is a festival dedicated to the European film, organized by the Big Screen Association and the Cultural Film Association.
     The project is done with the support of the Romanian National Film Center (CNC) and of the Timiș County Council.
     The event is organized by volunteers, supported by: Vitas România, TNT România, Bicicleta Pegas, French Institute in Timișoara, the "Csiky Gergely" Magyar Theatre in Timișoara, the "Mihai Eminescu" National Theatre in Timișoara, the Timiș County Culture Direction, the Banat Philharmonic, the Auăleu Theatre, Documentor, Polish Institute in Bucharest, AMBASADA, MISC.

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