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“5C Project”, dedicated to young European critics, at Divan Film Festival 2016

     The “5C Project” dedicated to young European film critics will reach Port Cultural Cetate (Cetate Cultural Port), and, within the fourth edition of the symposium organised by Divan Film Festival, the Balkan films' urban life is to be discussed.
     Divan Film Festival (Divan of Film and Culinary Art Tasters), an event dedicated to Balkans cinema and cooking, is reaching its 7th edition and will take place between 20 – 28 August in Craiova and in Port Cultural Cetate, as follows: Craiova, 20 – 21 August, Port Cultural Cetate, 22 – 28 August.
     During 22 – 24 August, Divan Film Festival will host in Portul Cultural Cetate the “5C Project”, an itinerant programme of cinema culture dedicated to young film critics. The project was set up in cooperation with the Balkan Cultural Institute Association (Romania), Adriapol (Albania), Balkanski Kulturni Krug (Croatia) and Altcine (Greece), with the support of the Media Programme of UE. The “5C Project” was initiated in January in Athens, when a jury made up of European industry professionals selected the authors of the best reviews of the online Balkan shorts festival Altcine Action!. The five film critics selected are: Galina Maksimović (Serbia), Rhianon Wain (Great Britain), Ozge Ozduzen (Turkey), Andrei Șendrea (Romania) and Mariana Hristova (Bulgaria). As part of this project, the five young critics are to take part, over a year, to Balkan film festivals, previews, workshops and seminars.
     At Divan Film Festival, besides screenings and meetings with filmmakers, the five critics will also attend two masterclasses: “Film review in the digital era” and „Inside the editing room”, hosted by film critic Dana Duma, respectively by Aleksandra Milovanović, Assistant Professor at the la Arts University of Belgrade.
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