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The Romanian Filmmakers Union Awards 2019

     Last night, the UCIN Awards Gala which took place at the “I.LCaragiale” National Theatre in Bucharest, the awards for the film productions of 2018 were handed.
     The Academic Awards and the Excellency Awards were explained by Laurențiu Damian, the president of the Romanian Filmmakers Union. Cătălina Grama was the presenter of the event, Cristi Puiu, the president of the jury gave the Special Award of the Jury and the Award for the Best Non-Professional Actor.
Best Film and UCIN Trophy
• Moromeții 2, directed by Stere Gulea
Special Award of the Jury
• Touch Me Not, directed by Adina Pintilie
Best Screenplay
• Paul Negoescu for Povestea unui pierde-vară
Best Director
• Constantin Popescu for Pororoca
Best Actress in a Leading Role
• Iulia Lumânare pentru rolul Cristina din Pororoca
Best Actor in a Leading Role
• Horațiu Mălăele for Ilie Moromete in Moromeții 2
Best Actor in a Supporting Role
• Alexandru Dabija for Movilă in “I Do not care If We Go Down in History as Barbarians / Îmi este indiferent dacă în istorie vom intra ca barbari”
Best Actress in a Supporting Role
• Rodica Negrea for the part of Mrs.Preda in Moon Hotel Kabul
Best Editing
• Cătălin Cristuțiu for “I Do not Care If We Go Down in History as Barbarians”
Best Cinematography
• Marius Panduru for Yet to Rule / În pronunțare
Best Art Direction
• Cristian Niculescu for Moromeții 2
Best Make up
• Corina Căldăraru for Scurtcircuit
Best Costumes
• Dana Păpăruz for Moromeții 2
Best Fiction Short Film
• Bogdan Mureșanu for  The Christmas Gift / Cadoul de Crăciun
Best short or feature-length documentary
• Alexandru Mavrodineanu for Caisă
“Adrian Enescu” Best Original music
• Massimiliano Nardulli for Charleston
Best Soundtrack
• Mihai Bogos, Vincent Arnardi for Pororoca
Best Animated Film
• Anca Damian for The Call / Telefonul
Best Television Film
• Răzvan Butaru for Locul din care toți vor să plece
“Alexandru Tatos” Opera Prima Debut Award
• Mihaela Popescu for Yet to Rule
UCIN Award for Best Film:
• Moromeții 2
Best Non-Professional Actor.
• Vasile Pavel-Digudai for Soldiers / Soldații. Poveste din Ferentari
UCIN President Award:
· Alexandru for the part Mitu in Moon Hotel Kabul
UCIN Academic Awards
• Francisc Patakfalvi
• Nicolae Mărgineanu
• Florin Mihăilescu
Excellency Awards:
• Doru Ana
• Tedy Necula
• Papil Panduru

During the UCIN Awards Gala, the film critics awards were given:
- the “George Littera” award for film writing - Marian Sorin Rădulescu for the volume “Mircea Veroiu, poezia unei lumi tragice”.
- the “Ion Cantacuzino” award – the critic Victor Morozov
- the diploma for the Best Film of the year, Moromeţii 2

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