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”November”, by Ioachim Stroe, in competition at Cinema Jove Valencia

The directing debut by editor Ioachim Stroe, the short Noiembrie/ November, is in the official selection of „Cinema Jove” International Film Festival of Valencia (23 June - 1 July 2017).

     November is representing Romania in the competition with productions from Spain, Morocco, Great Britain, France, Italy, Portugal or the United States of America. The short produced by Wearebasca, producers Claudiu Mitcu, Robert Fița, Ioachim Stroe, stars Ovidiu Mihăițăand Vlad Alexandru, Ioachim Stroe is the screenwriter, the director and also the editor, the cinematography was made my Andrei Butică. The scenography was signed by Mălina Ionescu, Maria Laura Stroe dealt with the costumes, the sound-design was handled by Ioan Filip, the music composed by Alexandru Belc and the sound mixing was made by Dan Ștefan Rucăreanu.

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