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Mălina Manovici, Invited by the Stockholm Film Festival

     During this year`s edition of the Stockholm Film Festival (that will take place from November 7 to 18, 2018), the audience of the Swedish capital will be able to see the film director Ioana Uricaru`s feature directorial debut, Lemonade, which had the world premiere at the 2018 edition of the Berlin International Film Festival. The film was selected in the official programme of the festival and during the festival it was scheduled three times in the Discovery section. With the support of the ICR Stockholm, the Romanian actress Mălina Manovici, the film protagonist, will attend the screening that will take place on November 15 at the Sture cinema, where she will speak about how the film was made and will answer the viewers` questions.
     Lemonade is based on true facts and it presents the contrast between two ways of seeing the world and the impossibility to reconcile them. the America described in the film is not at all what the immigrants dream about before leaving their native country. The feeling of being caught between two worlds, painfully familiar to all the immigrants, comes down to only one question: is it worth it?
     The film tells Mara`s story. She is 30 and she moves to the US together with her 9 years old son, Dragoş, after marrying Daniel, an American guy. The film shows more encounters that the protagonist has, during a few days. After those days, she discovers that the “American Dream” is a goal that is hard to reach.
     “Lemonade is a film that belongs both to the Romanian cinema and also to the American one, exactly the way I see myself as belonging to both cultures.(…) And it succeeds in doing so by means of the theme, of the production (which was developed on two continents) and of its aesthetics”, Ioana Uricaru says.
     The film has been scheduled in the Romanian cinemas  since October 26, 2018.
     Details: Stockholm Film Festival // ICR  

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