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“La Gomera”, Screened at Anonimul 2019

     Romanian films, presented in big international festivals, as well as new short films, arrive at the ANONIMUL 2019. The 16th edition of the ANONIMUL International Independent Film Festival will take place from August 5 to 11, at Sfântu Gheorghe, Danube Delta. La Gomera (directed by Corneliu Porumboiu), Monsters./ Monștri.(directed by Marius Olteanu), Romanian Tradition (directed by  Pavel Bartoș) and Salix Caprea (directed by Valeriu Andriuță)
     The Whistlers / La Gomera, Corneliu Porumboiu`s fifth feature film - which in September will be released in the Romanian cinemas – will be screened at ANONIMUL, in the opening of the Romanian night, on Tuesday August 6, in the presence of Vlad Ivanov and a part of the film crew. Considered by IndieWire “a polished mashup of genre motifs that suggests what might happen if the <Ocen`s 11> gang assembled on the Canary Islands. (…), La Gomera had many good reviews, being characterized as a noir with black humor and interesting twists.
     Cristi, a corrupt Romanian policeman, involved in a 30 million Euro deal with the mafia, arrives in the island La Gomera, in Spain, in order to learn “El Silbo”, a whistled language used by the local people. The coded language will help him free Zsolt, a dealer who is under arrest in Bucharest and the only one in the gang who knows where the money is. The film features Vlad Ivanov, Catrinel Menghia (Marlon), Rodica Lazăr, Sabin Tambrea, Agustí Villaronga, Cristóbal Pinto and Antonio Buíl. La Gomera is distributed by 42 Km Film and Ro Image 2000.
     Another Romanian film that caught the attention of the viewers and of the critics, both in Romania and abroad is Monsters./ Monștri.. Marius Olteanu`s feature debut is part of the ANONIMUL competition and will be released in the Romanian cinemas in autumn, distributed by Transilvania Film.
     Winner of the audience award given by the readers of Tagesspiegel at the 2019 Berlinale and of the Best Debut Award of the Romanian Film Days at TIFF, Monsters./ Monștri. presents a day in the life of a young couple, that the family, society and friends seem to love when they are together, but who judge them and reject them when they are on their own, because of their needs, convictions and life decisions. Marius Olteanu directed it and wrote the screenplay; the film features Judith StateCristian PopaAlexandru Potocean and Șerban Pavlu.
     In the section Actors behind the camera, two Romanian short films will be included: Romanian Tradition, Pavel Bartoș` directorial debut, a comedy based on a true story which took place at a wedding in a village and Salix Caprea, directed by Valeriu Andriuță, the second short film directed by the famous actor from over the Prut river, which is part of a series of three films about Moldova.
     The ANONIMUL International Independent Film Festival will take place from August 5 to 11, in Sfântu Gheorghe, Danube Delta. The access to the festival screenings is free.

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