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Interview of the week with Vivi Drăgan Vasile

     The name of Vivi Drăgan Vasile is on the credits of a few landmark films of the `80s, from theThe Swallower of Swords to The Moromete Family and The Secret of the Secret Weapon. After 2000, he is maybe, the only “senior director of photography” that the young generation - which had had him as their professor at UNATC – adopted him immediately.
     Thus, he signed the cinematography of Philanthropy by Nae Caranfil, West by Cristian Mungiu, The Rage by Radu Muntean, Kino Caravan by Titus Muntean, Of Men and Snails by Tudor Giurgiu, The Other Irene and The Escape by Andrei Gruszniczki, Another Love Building by Iulia Rugină.
      He`s never had or he has never tried to put to work possible abilities of becoming a film director, as many of his colleagues. Instead, just like them he became a producer and when you say FAV, as in the Visual Arts Foundation, you think of him and of that place which became a second home for him.
Over there, the door is opened for those who have interesting projects – documentaries, animations, fiction films, short or long, music videos or experimental films. His door is opened to all of his friends – and they are not few – who come to celebrate him on Saint Vasile`s Day. And that is only a few days away. Happy name day, Vivi!
Cinematography: Dan Ţuculescu

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