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ICON Production

    In 1994, when Mobra Films, Libra Film, HiFilm, Mandragora Films or other production companies that became famous in the meantime, didn`t exist and when only Vlad Păunescu`s Castel Film and Cristian Comeagă`s Domino Film were on the market, Velvet Moraru took her fate in her own hands and started a film company that she gave her name to – Velvet Production. After a few years of attempts and experiments, the first big production came: the feature film Taxi versus limousine, which later became Examen. On this occasion, at the director Titus Muntean`s suggestion, Velvet Production became ICON Production and obviously, received a new logo designed by the artist and production designer Daniel Răduță.
     Velvet Moraru says that ICON Production is “a modest production company”. And we can also add “but ambitious”, because though its productions are not so many until the present moment, they do aim at a certain professional level, which was already confirmed by national and international awards. In 2003, Exam receives three UCIN awards (Best Director, Best Actor, Best Editing); in 2010, at the Jihlava International Documentary Film Festival The Autobiography of Nicolae Ceaușescu / Autobiografia lui NicolaeCeaușescu is considered the best documentary in Eastern Europe and at the annual Gopo Gala it receives awards for Best Feature-Length Documentary and Best Editing. In 2013 Quod erat demonstrandum receives the special award of the jury in Rome; then it will receive 3 UCIN awards and 5 Gopo awards. In 2014, Horsepower / Cai putere is considered the Best Short Film at the Cottbus International Film Festival. It is too early to speak aboutSummer Is Over  / Vara s-a sfârșit, because it will be released in 2017. And Charlton Heston is still in production.
     Velvet Moraru shares her success with her team that she is very proud of: her right hand, Marta Gavrilă – production coordinator, Sorin Ana – producer assistant and location manager; Raluca Durbacă – script reader and production secretary; Dan Mironovici – production assistant; Ioana Moraru – script reader.

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