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Gheorghe Preda “hit” a fox for “The Shape of the Heart in the Dust”

    The county road 200. Early in the morning. Freezing cold. A group of people bring in a car and place it against a tree. Everybody wears a phosphorescent vest and uses the walkie-talkie to communicate with the others. Gheorghe Preda is shooting the short film The Shape of the Heart in the Dust / Forma inimii în praf, produced by Velvet Moraru for ICON Production. The director talks to Silviu Stavilă, the director of photography and they decide the position of the camera. Everybody on set moves a lot, because they have many things to do and not because of the cold: they are all equipped as if for escalading the mountain. Two policemen are waiting for the signal, at the two ends of the shooting set, in order to stop the traffic. Even if it`s Saturday morning, there are many cars riding on a county road and the agitation around the hit limo stirs the people`s curiosity.
     The actors Gabriel Constantin, Antonia Ionescu, Sorin Ana are called on set, and Velvet Moraru, who is also the 2nd AD, announces that the shooting starts. Rehearsals are being made.Preda andSilviuStavilă decide which angle is the best. Somebody turns on the smoke machine behind the hit car. Fixed, steady camera. One camera-car is also prepared for later. Complicated logistics, as MartaMarinescu and Dana Boghean- Melconian from the production team told us.
     The fox, which was especially made for the film by Viorel ”Pokemon” Militaru is also brought on location. It lies in the middle of the road and it is in the center of the frame and of the story. We can hear “Action!”. Once, twice, three times. An elegant man (Gabriel Constantin) drives into frame a Mercedes at full speed, then suddenly stops his car near the hit one, where his wife (Antonia Ionescu) and her lover (Sorin Ana) lie full of blood. He looks at them, ponders the situation, then decides to save the fox.
     This is how much we got to see, this is what we tell. The rest will come when the film is finished. The short film is part of an omnibus called Zoosofia, with four films in which the animals are the main characters. Gheorghe Predaalready has The Finnish Cow / Vaca finlandeză, produced by Cristian Comeagă, he is in postproduction with The Bird-Woman / Femeia-Pasăre, produced by Laura Georgescu Baron; The Shape of the Heart in the Dust / Forma inimii în praf, produced by Velvet Moraru will add to the list and also The Dog from the Dream / Câinele din vis, which still doesn`t have a producer.
Cinematography: Valeriu Ciubotaru
Translation: Iulia Necoară

Tags: filme romanesti, forma inimii in praf film, gheorghe preda, iconproduction, silviu stavila, velvet moraru, zoosofia film