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George Mihăiță and Vladimir Găitan, Honored at Gopo 2018

     The actors George Mihăiță and Vladimir Găitan will receive the Life Achievement Award at the 12th edition of the Gopo Awards Gala. The event will take place on March, 27, at the I.L. Caragiale National Theatre in Bucharest.
    50 years after they started shooting for the film Reconstruction / Reconstituirea (directed by Lucian Pintilie), the actors George Mihăiță și Vladimir Găitan will receive the Life Achievement Award, as a sign of gratitude and acknowledgement of their entire artistic career. Pintilie`s film, considered one of the best Romanian films of all time, represented a launching platform for the two actors who, at that time, were on the big screen for the first time and at the same time, the beginning of a friendship that spanned 50 years.
     In 2002, Vladimir Găitan și George Mihăiță received the National Order of Faithful Service (degree of Knight), alongside other actors, “for their devotion and talent in the interest of the Romanian theatre, on the occasion of celebrating 150 years of existence of the National Theatre in Bucharest.”
     The 12th edition of the Gopo Awards Gala is organized by the Romanian Film Promotion Association, with the support of the National Film Center, of Babel Communications and of the Ministry of Culture and National Identity.

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