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Romanian films awarded at the Warsaw International Film Festival 2020

     The Warsaw International Film Festival 2020 Film de la Varșovia 2020 announced its winners, among which there are three Romanian films.  
   Mia Misses Her Revenge / Mia își ratează răzbunarea, Bogdan Theodor Olteanu`s second feature film and Cecília Felméri's Spiral/ Spirala, received the Special Mention of the Competition 1-2 (debut) jury. The producer and director Dan Chișu was one of the members of the jury.
     The special award of the jury of the international competition was given to the actors Bogdan Farcaș and Dragoș Dumitru for the parts they played in the feature film Unidentified / Neidentificat, directed by Bogdan George Apetri.
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