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The crew of “Dogs” meets the Bucharest-based viewers

     The most eagerly awaited-for Romanian thriller of the year, Câini/ Dogs (directed by Bogdan Mirică), will have a special preview screening at the Summer Theatre in Herăstrău Park, on Thursday, 22 September, from 20.30.
     The director, a part of the film crew and leading roles' actors Dragoş BucurVlad Ivanov and Gheorghe Visu, will meet the viewers and tell stories about their filming experiences, the emotions at Cannes, TIFF and Sarajevo, where Dogs had sold-out screenings and won important awards. Tickets may be bought in advance on
     Special screenings and meetings with the film's makers and actors will be set up in several cities of the country, and the programme is soon to be announced. From 23 September, Dogs will be released on Romania's big screens, distributed by Transilvania Film.
     Dogs is the feature length debut of Bogdan Mirică, screenwriter and co-director of HBO series HBO Umbre/Shadows. The film won awards at the Festival of Cannes, won the TIFF 2016 Transilvania Trophy and another two prizes at the Sarajevo Festival: Heart of Sarajevo for Best Actor - Gheorghe Visu, and the Special Mention of the Jury This fall, the film will be screened at festivals in Finland, Norway, Canada, Poland, Israel, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Sweden, the United States and Italy.
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