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“Double”, by Catrinel Dănăiață, to be released in theatres on June 17th

     Dublu/Double, the feature-length debut of director Catrinel Dănăiață, will be released on Friday, 17 June, in Bucharest and other 23 cities movie theatres.
     The film, distributed by microFILM, will be released in Bucharest (Hollywood Multiplex of Bucharest Mall, Movieplex of Plaza România, Cinema Farmers' Museum, Cinematheque Union, Cinema Europa, Cinema Elvira Popescu), in Baia Mare (Cinema Dacia), Bârlad (Cityplex Victoria), Bistrița (Sinagoga Multicultural Centre), Botoșani (Cinema Unirea), Brașov (Cinema One), Cluj (Cinema Victoria), Constanța (Cityplex of Tomis Mall), Craiova (Cinema Modern), Deva (Cinema Patria), Focșani („Țara Bârsei” Folklore Ensemble), Galați (Cinema 3D Prof. „Ioan Manole”), Gura Humorului (Cultural Centre), Iași (Cinema Victoria, Cinema Republica), Lugoj (Cinema Bela Lugosi), Odobești (Culture House), Oradea (Cinema Palace of Lotus Center, Cortina Digiplex of Oradea Shopping City), Piatra Neamț (Cinema Dacia Panoramic), Pitești (Cinema Trivale of Trivale Shopping Center, Cinema Sebastian Papaiani), Sibiu (Cinema Arta), Slobozia (Culture House), Târgu Mureș (Cinema Arta), Timișoara (Cinema Timiș), Vulcan (Cinema Luceafărul).
     The gala premiere is to be held on Thursday night, from 20.00, at Cinema Pro of Bucharest. A special screening with the crew attending is scheduled at Cinema Trivale of Trivale Shopping Center Pitești, on Monday, 20 June, at 19:10. The event will be also attended by director Catrinel Dănăiață and actors Maria Dinulescu and Andrei Mateiu. The tickets may be purchased from Cinema Trivale and online at
     Double will be internationally premiered next month, within the 51st Edition of the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival (1-9 July, 2016).
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