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About the competition program with the selection team of the FAQiff, 2015, November 6

   Between 6 to 9 November 2015, the first edition of the Feminist and Queer International Film Festival will take place. The event includes the feature film competition and the short film competition, a marathon of experimental films and panel discussions. The screenings will take place at Cinema Studio in Bucharest.The selection for the feature films competition was made by Andrei Luca and Iulia Voicu. They both graduated Film Studies at the National University of Theater and Film in Bucharest. The short films were selected by Patrick Brăila, who has over 10 years of experience as a film director, story editor and creative producer for Media Pro Pictures Romania.
We spoke to the three of them about the selection criteria, about what the feminist and queer film means, and Andrei prepared a video review for the opening film Pierrot Lunaire (directed by Bruce LaBruce). Patrick told us more things about how they organized the special screening for the experimental film marathon and how they thought of organizing the location, so that it may be an interactive experience.
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Imagine: Dan Țuculescu

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