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Film Critics Association 2015 Award for Best Film Journalism

Cristian Mungiu, Chairman of the Shanghai Festival Jury  

     Cristian Mungiu is to preside the jury of the Golden Goblet Award, within the Shanghai International Film Festival (17 – 26 June 2017). The jury is made up of directors Cao Baoping, Milcho Manchevski, Hiroyuki Tanaka, scriptwriter Li Qiang, actress Xu Qing and producer Gary Michael.
     Golden Goblet Award is the Festival's main competition, where the Romanian feature Scurtcircuit / Short-circuit, directed by Cătălin Saizescu, was also selected.
     The feature films Occident / Horizon4 luni, 3 săptămâni şi 2 zile / 4 Months, 3 Weeks and 2 DaysDupă dealuri / Beyond the Hills and Bacalaureat / Graduation will be available for viewing within the programme Jury President Collection, while Inimi cicatrizate / Scarred Hearts (directed by Radu Jude) will be screened at the section Panorama – “The Belt and Road” Unit of the Shanghai Festival.
     Details at: SIFF
(Translated by Stela Moise)

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