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Alina Manolache`s “Lost Kids on the Beach” will habe its Dutch premiere at IDFA

     Lost Kids on the Beach / Copii pierduți pe plajă, Alina Manolache`s directorial debut in feature-length documentaries, will be presented at this year`s edition of the International Documentary Film Festival 
which will take place in Amsterdam, from November 18 to 29, 2020. This is one of the most prestigious non-fiction film festivals.
     The 70 minutes documentary starts from the pretext of finding the kids that were lost on the beach in the `90s (today they are grown-ups in their 30s) and it turns into an emotional puzzle, which looked upon from above, shows the subjective image of a generation – the first generation born and raised in the ‘free years” after the Revolution. The film is a collective portrait in different shades, a journey-film that speaks about the “lost” ones, where “lost” may have many different meanings.
Details: IDFA

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