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Aylin Cadîr says “Tudo” is the most difficult project she has ever been part of

     Known for her various artistic endeavours, Aylin Cadîr will return on the big screen on 13 May, with Tudo (directed by Iura Luncașu).
     For 8 days, Aylin filmed with a small crew, made of only 17 people. “Iura told me about this project when it was in the concept phase, and his trust that I could handle this character gave me confidence. It was the most physically challenging project I have ever worked on, but one does not get the chance to be part of such a thing very often. The small crew ensured working intimacy, which I needed for my character. I felt part of a team where everybody gave their best,” Aylin stated about Tudo.
     Her character, Sălbatica (The Wild Girl), is a girl raised in the mountains, far away from civilisation. A character who discovers the world through the eyes of others. Left alone and defenceless, The Wild Girl is protected by Tudor, a young Medical School student.

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