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The Official Trailer of the Film “The Secret of Happiness”

     The official trailer of the Romanian film The Secret of Happiness / Secretul fericirii was just released. The film represents the feature directorial debut of the actor Vlad Zamfirescu.
     The film will be released in cinemas on October 19, 2018. Vlad Zamfirescu says: “Some years ago, maybe 20, maybe more, there was a misconception that the Romanian films, with a few exceptions, doesn`t count on an international level, that we are many years behind our colleagues from the West. But during these past 10-15 years, after Cannes, Berlin and all the other festivals, that misconception has been shattered. Nowadays, there is another one that it`s around: that the Romanian film, with very few exceptions, are not high-rated. I believe this misconception is also about to disappear. We are capable of making a good, smart box office film. The viewers can decide whether The Secret of Happiness proves my point.” the director cocludes.
     The world premiere of the film was at TIFF 2018 (the official selection, Romanian Film Days section) and it received awards at many international film festivals: Los Angeles Film Awards, SUA, 2018 (Best Duo: Vlad Zamfirescu & Theo Marton; Honorable Mention: Narrative Feature), Virgin Spring Cinefest, India, 2018 (Silver Award: Best Debut: Vlad Zamfirescu), Burgas International Film Festival, Bulgaria, 2018 (Selected in the official competition, with a special screening on July 23, 2018).
     The film was also included in the official selection of the feature film competition of the ANONIMUL IFF 2018.
     The Secret of Happiness is a Movie Production Entertainment production, and Cristina Dobrițoiu produced it.
     Details: Secretul fericirii


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