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Matasari (2011)


23 min. - Scurtmetraj Thriller - - 07.12.2011

Synopsis: I drank some whiskey before I left home. I'm walking to their place and can't stop thinking about it. I smoked a pack of cigarettes and 3 joints today. I drank on the bus without even being aware. I take some k at their place. It will make me feel like hell. I feel like punching her in her bitch face. She keeps pretending nothing happened. At Oana's, I drink two beers and avoid her as much as I can. 

Director: Ilija Piperkoski

Writer: Miruna Vasilescu

Stars: Alec Secăreanu, Ana Cristina Călin, Dragoș Dumitru

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Alec Secăreanu Alex
Matasari (2011) Ana Cristina Călin Maria
Matasari (2011) Dragoș Dumitru Gypsy
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  1. 2012 - Timishort - Best Romanian Film


  • Selected at Luna plina Film Festival 2012, Porto International Student Film Festival 2012, Tel Aviv International Student Film Festival 2012, Timishort 2012